Best Smart Watches in Pakistan: Stay Connected to Your Life

Best Smart Watches in Pakistan

Best Smart Watches in Pakistan, Beyond merely being clocks, smartwatches are more. These wearable gadgets keep you linked to your smartphone, alerts, and applications while also keeping an eye on your fitness, activity level, and overall health. Because they come in a variety of forms, features, and functions, smartwatches may also boost your individuality, sense of style, and convenience.

But how can you pick the greatest smartwatch for your wants and budget when so many are on the market? We’ll evaluate some of the top smart watches available in Pakistan in this blog article, taking into account factors like popularity, cost, performance, and quality. Additionally, we’ll provide you with some advice on choosing, operating, and caring for your smartwatch.

What to Look for When Buying a Smart Watch in Pakistan

Before you buy a smartwatch, you need to consider some factors, such as:



Ascertain that the operating system, applications, and smartphone on your smartwatch are compatible. Because it syncs easily with iOS and other Apple devices, you might want to get an Apple Watch if you already own an iPhone. An Android Wear OS smart watch, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Oppo Watch, or Huawei Watch, could be something you want to purchase if you own an Android phone. Some smartwatches work with both iOS and Android, including the Fitbit Versa and the Amazfit GTR, but they might not have all the capabilities people need.

Battery Life

It’s important to find out how quickly and how long your smart watch can recharge. Although they might need to be charged often, certain smartwatches—like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and the Apple Watch Series 7—can run for up to 18 hours. While some smartwatches boast a 14-day battery life, including the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 and the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro, they could also have less functionality. The charging method—USB, magnetic, or wireless—must also be taken into account.


The display of your smart watch should be examined for its dimensions, form, brightness, resolution, and touch sensitivity. A circular display on certain smartwatches, like the Zeblaze Thor 4 Pro and the Google Pixel Watch, may give them a more sophisticated and traditional appearance. Some smartwatches have square or rectangular displays, like the Oppo Watch and the Apple Watch Series 7, which may provide greater screen real estate and functionality. It is important to take into account the specific type of display, such as LCD, OLED, or AMOLED since each offers distinct benefits and drawbacks concerning color, contrast, and power usage.


A smart watch should be selected based on your comfort level, style, and personality. Certain smart timepieces feature a sleek and contemporary style, with a metal or ceramic body and an assortment of bands and colors. Examples of these watches are the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and the Apple Watch Series 7. Certain smart watches have a conventional watch face and a leather or stainless steel band, such as the Huawei Watch 3 Pro and the Amazfit GTR 4. These watches offer a timeless and attractive look. Aside from the water and dust resistance rating, other factors to think about include the smart watch’s size, weight, and longevity.


The features and functionalities of your smart watch, such as media and audio playback, voice and gesture control, applications and games, health and fitness tracking, alerts and calls, GPS and navigation, and more, must be decided upon. Advanced health and wellness capabilities on certain smart watches, such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, stress management, and sleep tracking, are available. Examples of these devices are the Fitbit Sense 2 and Honor Magic Smart Watch. 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and eSIM are just a few of the cutting-edge connection and productivity capabilities found on some smart watches, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and the Apple Watch Series 7. There are smart watches with extensive capabilities for usefulness and personalization, including the Huawei Watch 3 Pro and the Google Pixel Watch have advanced features for functionality and customization, such as Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Pay, and Wear OS.

Best Smart Watches in Pakistan

Based on these criteria, here are some of the best smart watches in Pakistan that you can buy in 2023:

Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch Series 9

This is Apple’s most recent and sophisticated smart watch, with unmatched brightness, simple controls, and comprehensive health analytics. It has an ECG app, a blood oxygen sensor, a fall detection function, and a skin temperature sensor. In addition, voice control, wireless charging, and Google Maps are supported. It costs around Rs. 132,999 and is compatible with iOS smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

With a traditional appearance and cutting-edge features, this is a high-end Samsung smart watch. Its Super AMOLED display, revolving bezel, and sturdy construction are all features. Blood pressure, blood oxygen level, heart rate, stress, and sleep patterns may all be monitored by it. A speaker, microphone, and GPS are also included inside it. At around Rs. 65,499, it is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Fitbit Sense 2

Fitbit Sense 2

Fitbit’s feature-rich and adaptable smart watch with an emphasis on wellness and health. It has a skin temperature sensor, an EDA scan app, an ECG app, and a biosensor core. Your heart rate, SpO2, stress level, and quality of sleep may all be measured by it as well. It features rapid charging and has a six-day battery life. It costs about Rs. 89,499 and works with both iOS and Android devices.

Amazfit GTR 4

Amazfit GTR 4

With its classic style and 5ATM water resistance rate, this remarkable smart watch from Amazfit is sure to wow. It features a leather band, a ceramic bezel, and a circular AMOLED display. It monitors blood oxygen levels, stress levels, heart rate, and sleep patterns. Additionally, you may access a variety of apps and widgets through the Zepp OS micro app ecosystem. It enables magnetic charging and has a 14-day battery life. It costs about 58,000 rupees and works with both Android and iOS devices.

Huawei Watch 3 Pro

Huawei Watch 3 Pro

Huawei has produced a sophisticated and robust smart watch with a titanium frame and sapphire glass. It has a 3D rotating crown, a skin temperature sensor, and a circular AMOLED display. It monitors blood oxygen levels, stress levels, heart rate, and sleep patterns. Google Maps, Huawei AppGallery, and voice control are other included. It features wireless charging and has a battery life of up to 21 days. It costs about 82,000 rupees and works with both iOS and Android devices.

Tips and Tricks for Buying, Using, and Maintaining Your Smart Watch in Pakistan

Now that you have an idea of the best smart watches in Pakistan, here are some tips and tricks that can help you buy, use, and maintain your smart watch:


Before you buy a smart watch, you need to do some research and comparison, to find the best option for your needs and budget. You can use online platforms, such as PriceOye, Daraz, or Savyour, to check the latest prices, reviews, and ratings of different smart watches in Pakistan. You can also use online coupons, cashback, or exchange offers, to save some money on your purchase. You can also visit local or online store such as Techin, to see and test the smart watches in person, and to get some expert advice and after-sales service.


To take use of all the features and functionalities of a smart watch, you must link and configure it with your smartphone after purchasing one. If your smart watch brand—Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Google Pixel Watch, Huawei Watch, or Fitbit—has an official app or website, you can use it to download and install the most recent software updates, adjust settings and preferences, sync data and notifications, and access extra services and features. For even more options and integrations, you may utilize third-party websites or applications like Strava, Spotify, or Google Maps to improve your smart watch experience.


Regular maintenance and care are necessary to ensure that your smart watch remains functional and in excellent shape. Your smart watch and its band may be cleaned with a soft cloth, water, and a little soap to get rid of any perspiration, dust, and debris. Other options for shielding your smart watch from dings, scratches, and other harm include a case, cover, or screen protector. When the battery on your smart watch runs low, you may also use a charger, a power bank, or a wireless pad to charge it without any problems.


These are some of the best smart watches in Pakistan that you can buy in 2023-24. They offer a range of features, functions, and styles to suit your needs and preferences. You can compare their prices and specifications on, a website that helps you find the lowest smart watch price in Pakistan. I hope this information was helpful for you.







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