8 Shocking Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan You Won’t Believe

make money online in pakistan

Make Money Online in Pakistan, Are you in Pakistan seeking to get out of the wage labor and establish a business with more flexible or no working hours? The internet has allowed people to work online in different ways, but this can be very tasking especially due to the many opportunities available. This is not a magic formula for earning quick bucks online instead, it unravels 8 practical solutions tailored to Pakistan’s scenario if you are tech-savvy or a beginner in the field of online business. Discover how to convert expertise and hobbies into a thriving career on set online programs or artistic side jobs from the confinements of your home or the nearest tea stall.



Are you a good writer, a designer, or thinking of becoming a programmer? This is especially true in case freelancing can be the perfect way through which one can monetize and work on projects that one feels passionate about. There is nothing like platforms such as Upwork, fiver, Freelancer, and workchest where one can find clients globally to market his ability. For additional information you could learn how to build client relations Here the business-to-consumer focus is attained; additionally, you could select the freelance writing specialty of your choice establish your price level, and work only on projects that interest you. The golden rule for every freelancer remains the way one manages to make a portfolio as well as offer exceptionally good work to clients. Yes, there is, as with any line of work it is possible to establish a lucrative freelance career if you work hard and approach the job with professional seriousness.

Steps to get started as a freelancer:

  1. Selecting Niche: Freelancers are required to undergo a process of narrowing their area of specialty to sell themselves out to clients. Some of the most sought-after jobs that can be done on a freelance basis include mobile app development, web development, and graphic design. Video editor and marketer or a digital marketer usually referred to as a digital media marketer.
  2. Create Portfolios: For a freelancer to attract clients, he or she has to come up with a portfolio developed from work done. It refers to the assignments or projects that one has done in the past. They can be actual jobs done for a client or mock work that has been created simply to showcase different ideas. The purpose is to prove that a certain type of work is something the buyers might require to be done which freelancers have done for others in the past. When compiling a portfolio, go to Behance and Dribbble to upload it. Freelancers are also free to submit portfolios in the profiles of their marketplace including upwork, guru work chest, etc.
  3. Signing up on Freelance Marketplaces: Some of the sites for freelancing include Upwork, Fiver, and Freelancer as well as some other sites that can help in freelancing. The initial process entails setting up a profile through the website with an uploaded description of services, price per hour of work, and time frame available for work. The second step is to provide videos of other satisfied clients and portfolios, which can also prove to be very effective.
  4. Network/Promote yourself: To gain access to other potential customers, as well as to avail of opportunities for interaction with other freelance workers, and seminars and events, freelancers need to network. You can personally advertise yourself by wearing T-shirts that are so designed especially for this purpose, a business card with your phone number, your email address, and your website, and of course, you give out some giveaways of your brand to others.

The client is king: How sweet it is to win a project; however, that is not the starting point, but handling the client is the ultimate sale. A freelancer must always text with his or her client and should step it up to ensure that the job is done within the set time and agreed period with the client Freelancers should also be professional to reach the intended goals. Besides, a happy client not only returns with more business on his or her own but also brings more clients your way.

2. Making Money Online Through Blogging

Making Money Online Through Blogging

 how a blogger in Pakistan may start making money

  1. Selecting a niche: The first and most important aspect of having a successful blog is to select an area of interest or in other words, the subject of the blog. Whereas the first suggestion recommended going after a macro niche, this one is to consider going for a micro niche instead. When you write for a micro niche with complete topical content, you stand a good chance of ranking for business-related keywords within the first 10 search results on Google.
  2. Set up a blog: A blog may be created using a free platform like WordPress.
  3. Keywords: Certain keywords can be targeted to write content that will have a chance of showing up in search engines. In this context, the process of choice of keywords is based on the search volume which is not the highest but moderate, and the competition level which is also not very high. It is not a secret that there exist many applications to determine the keywords for your blog, among which top are AHREF, SEMRUSH, and Uber SUGGEST.
  4. Create high-quality content: Once you have your blogging platform you should create premium content for all the blog money-making ideas under your micro niche. To enhance readership on a website, you herein require delivering accurate and up-to-date information. This way the number of minutes that people actually spend on your web page increases and the bounce rate decreases which in turn helps the search engine to rank the site for the keywords that you are targeting.
  5. Build an audience: So for one to start generating income while blogging, there is the necessity of Traffic. As far as how to make people read your material, you must make an effort in SEO work and Google PPC advert as well as social media adverts to post your blog posts.
  6. Monetize your blog: To get money from your blog, there are several options. These are a few techniques.

Ad revenue: This they do to help cater for the expenses incurred in the running of the blog and earn revenue from displaying ads. In this case, you can rely on the services provided by a third party such as Google AdSense that determines which advertisements are suitable for your site and places them appropriately.

Affiliate marketing: By endorsing goods and services in your blog entries that are relevant to your specialty, you may earn referral commissions.

Sponsored posts: Writing sponsored blogs on subjects on your specialty might bring in money.

If you want to start a blog right now you can create your own website on Hostinger

3- Online Earning With YouTube

Online Earning With YouTube

With 34. As of 2022, it has 4 billion subscribers and is the most visited video-sharing network globally.  similarweb ranks it as the second most visited network in the international market. Here are some of the ways that could help you to earn money using YouTube.

  • Ad revenue: These commercial messages can be placed before, during, or after the videos you post on the platform and act as a key source of revenue for your videos. Ad revenue is another way through which people can monetize their YouTube channel, but you need to join the YouTube Partner Program, and there are some criteria to meet first. The standard criteria usually include 4000 hours of watchtime and 1000 subscribers.
  • Advertised content: As soon as you become massive, you can make sponsored videos for companies and make a decent amount of money. With a film, you can credit them, and use their material, you can include a link to their website, but also bring attention to their work for viewers.
  • Products and merchandise: The monetization of your videos or the possibility to sell specific products that you use in your videos, through the YouTube Creator Store, could ensure a good income.
  • Memberships and Super Chat: For instance, you may opt for the YouTube Memberships in which your fans could pay a monthly fee for them to be provided unique content or any other advantage. You can make cash utilizing paid conversation utilizing the “Super Chat” option assuming you are from a certified nation.

A lot of players are present right now on YouTube and the competition there is stiff. Basically, you should submit top-notch films that do not only answer the questions of your audience but also keep them intrigued to solve their problems. The goal is to inform people about the films, and this can be done by advertising on YouTube or on social media platforms.

4. Earning Online Through E-Commerce

Earning Online Through E-Commerce

Here’s how you get started in Pakistan’s e-commerce market:

  1. Choose a product or niche: Choose a subject that you find engaging and that would interest the generality of the population. Specific sectors that are common in e-commerce in Pakistan include home products, electronics, fashion, and cosmetics.
  2. Build an online store: You have to develop your own website the best and quickest way to create an online store is to use ready-made web platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce (WordPress). Among these three methods of payment, cash on delivery or COD is the most commonly used method adopted by buyers of products online in Pakistan.
  3. Promote your shop: This means that everyone running a shop must advertise their shop to attract new clients hence increasing their revenue. The most organic way of occupying a specific rank in response to specific keywords related to your industry is SEO. Besides, it is essential to introduce the shop in the social networks and Google.

5- Online Earning With Affiliate Marketing

Online Earning With Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you are an independent promoter of products and services from other companies and get paid whenever you make sales from the traffic you generate to their websites or through your social media pages. This I consider as being a pragmatic way of creating income streams that would enable you to live off the earnings. The goods are not yours, and you will not have to keep Insurance of the goods, accepting returns, or even the packaging or shipping of the goods. Selling any product means that you get paid some amount of money relative to the price of that product.

The following outlines how to begin affiliate marketing in Pakistan:

  1. Find affiliate programs: As is clear, several affiliate programs are available for people based in Pakistan and some additional details have been provided below some of the prominent affiliate programs include Amazon affiliate and Daraz affiliate.
  2. Create content: To advertise the affiliate items, you need to feed content to the affiliate site. Often, the content is divided into two parts with a rest in the middle and it is this type that is most frequently used in performing arts. There are two types of content: Persuasive which is mostly used in advertisements and focuses on the merits of the product to persuade consumers; and instructive which educates the group of consumers about the benefits of the product.
  3. Promote your stuff to get more visitors:

6. Making Money Online Using Digital Products

Making Money Online Using Digital Products

Thanks to marvelous technological breakthroughs, particularly in website development like Amazon and ETSY, it is now easier than ever to design and sell digital products. Some of the recognized digital assets include the following; software applications, training packages, Kindles, ebooks, and many others.

1- Ebooks

It would also be pertinent to note that after the PDF platforms came into existence, the use of e-books has increased substantially. These are normally in electronic format which makes it relatively easier to read especially through computers and cell phones.  eBooks are easy since you are an authority on a topic and might have a story to tell.

2- Software and Apps

Generally, if you develop the software or have a killer sense of what is needed in the software industry, you can sell your software online. Also, you may create hybrid mobile apps that contain in-app purchases that can readily be installed in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

If you are eager to make good money, you must be in a position to better market your software or mobile application. This can be done by paying for a space or nice words about the product on TV, in magazines, newspapers, and other print media, sending out a newsletter to customers and friends, and on social media platforms.

3. The Etsy Shop

Etsy is an online platform that is made for people & small businesses to buy and sell digital products & handmade products and it has 500+ million users monthly. For those who wish to sell their own paintings, handmade jewelry, and any other online products and services related to media and art located in Pakistan, it is simply marvelous.

4- TeeSpring:

Teespring is a popular website for designing clothes where you can also sell and purchase customized products such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs,s and much more.

5- Kittl AI

An application that can be used to develop vector art and design logos is referred to as Kittl AI. There are multiple opportunities to make money with online businesses created with the help of Kittl AI: selling goods created with the help of Kittl AI, being a graphic designer, and affiliate marketing.

Kittel AI may be used by creators of material for the improvement of their creations, and other experts may offer supplementary income via online classes and sessions. The level and quality of the job done and the marketing strategies and plans offered mark success.

7- Online Earning With Tutoring

Online Earning With Tutoring

You may teach the pupils no matter where in the world they are situated utilizing such websites as Tutor and Udemy. If you want students in other countries to attend your lectures, it is advisable to conduct them in English while creating content in the local language if you have interest in students in that region. It can be stated that you require a complete class on the issue in order to attract pupils. Using merely a basic computer or even a smartphone, it is possible to give lectures online and even receive your paycheck while being in bed.

8- Becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) for Online Income in Pakistan

Becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) for Online Income in Pakistan

Virtual assistant (VA) is one of the most engaging and promising options to get paid on the Internet in Pakistan.

Here’s how to get started: Here’s how to get started:

1. Identify Your Skills and Niche: Identify Your Skills and Niche: Strengths: So, what do you like doing or indulge in? But greeting card writing and editing, social media posting and scheduling, data entry, and event scheduling?
Interests: Similar to interest, do you like certain types of businesses such as e-commerce or travel business?
Niche Down: You mean can one focus start concentrating on giving out a certain service like bookkeeping to small businesses in Pakistan?

2. Build Your Online Presence: Create a Website or Portfolio: Bring out the success stories and samples of work done and achievements to be made in the server administration through the use of testimonials.
Freelance Platforms: Learn how the masters ply their trade, and do as they do by going to freelance sites such as Upwork and Fiverr.
Social Media: Get more and more active on LinkedIn or any other professional networking site to find your space.

3. Set Competitive Rates: Search for mean VA rates for Pakistani programs, taking into account your experience and specialization.
Have certain hourly rates or if the client presents project-based work, set up package prices per type of work.

4. Find Clients: Freelance Platforms: Find and use platforms like Upwork with good cover letters and detail specific skills and benefits while proposing a job.
Social Media: Connect professional businesses and more people you have as a friend on Linked In.
Local Job Boards: This step should focus more on searching for remote VA opportunities that are available for the people of Pakistan.

5. Deliver Quality Service and Build Relationships: Deliver Quality Service and Build Relationships:

Excellent Communication: Communicate with the clients often and ensure that the communication is professional and to the point.
Reliable and Organized: Punctual, always meeting all the required deadlines and producing excellent output.
Client Satisfaction: Always take time to address every need the clients may be having. Positive reviews are key!
Additional Tips for Pakistani VAs: Additional Tips for Pakistani VAs:

Highlight Local Knowledge: Provide services on the Pakistani market with knowledge of local holidays &/or heritage weeks etc.
Time Zone Advantage: While being in an advantageous position in terms of time zone, businesses in Pakistan may also find it useful for their clients in other time zones.
Develop Language Skills: It is an advantage since the globalization world means that being able to conduct business in more than one language comes in handy when dealing with transnational companies.






The Internet has brought a dramatic change in the way we work and do business, Pakistanis are equally fortunate enough to explore this world trade electronically. Whether choosing a freelance career or opening an e-shop or an art studio, one should know that success is based on commitment, personal growth, and delivering considerable value. Therefore, put down the criticism, turn up your drive, and get on the journey of creating your digital economy on the World Wide Web in Pakistan!

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